Friday, 6 March 2009

Dose 9...

1)8:08 PM @ the Beach by Fred Falke

Fairly little is known about French house turntablist and DJ Fred Falke. In fact, he has spent most of his career in collaboration with electronic comrade, Alan Braxe. In 2008, the two decided to part ways and pursue solo careers. Braxe's would lead to popular remixes for groups like Goldfrapp, Röyksopp, and Justice. Falke, on the other hand, opted to create his own electronic tracks and has since released a number of singles. As the sun slowly comes out of hiding, eager to illuminate the the northern hemisphere in that annual phenomenon we call "spring", I felt it only fitting to find a tune in the spirit of the season. We are all aching to get rid of the cold and escape into that blissful period of long days, longer nights, and no responsibility. Falke's "8:08 PM @ the Beach" reminds all of why we're all so damn chipper about these warmer seasons. The night parties at the beach, the firepits, and the serenity of waves crashing. All in all, it's enough to get your summer festivities started early this year...

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2)G'won Train by Billy Larkin & The Delegates

Ain't That A Groove (1966) was the fourth album by Billy Larkin and The Delegates. Larkin, the organist, began his group as a jazz trio, with Hank Sworn on guitar and Mel Brown on drums. By '66 the band had been revised to include Jimmy Daniels on guitar, Jessie Kilpatrick on drums, and tenor saxaphonist, Fat Theus, who became an intergral part of their success. Larkin and The Delegates' audience was intially centered in the Los Angelas jazz scene. With the inclusion of Theus, their following grew to include jazz enthusiasts, as well as those just looking to dance. Larkin's funky Hammond B3 skills, Kilpatrick's steady drumming, and Fat T's emotive solos proved to be the perfect combination for jazz which expanded the boundaries of the genre.

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