Sunday, 24 May 2009

Artist Spotlight...Breez Evahflowin'

Breez and DJ Chillout

A couple days ago, I said that I had never heard of Breeze Evahflowin', but that his verse on 'Same Beat: Freestyle' was exceptional. Well after conducting a little investigation into Breeze's hip-hop history, turns out I may have been sleeping on one of today's best freestyle lyricists.

Though, prior to 2001, most people hadn't heard of Breez, he had been making waves in the hip-hop community since the late 90's. As a member of the New York hip-hop collective Stronghold, Breez was came to the forefront of the nation's growing battle rap scene. In 1999, Evahflowin' was crowned National Grand Champion at the Blaze Battle Competition. Unfortunately, though his skills were recognized at such events, he still wasn't generating the popularity that someone of his caliber should have. It wasn't until January 2001, that most of the public caught their first taste of Breez. On MTV's Direct Effects, he reigned as battle champ seven weeks, effectively establishing the standing record. Two years later, Breez offered a nugget of his immense talent on the Fly EP (2003). Since then, Breez has remained relatively low key, working with hip-hop's elite underground artists and putting out a slew of independent singles, EP's, and, recently, a compilation entitled The Unearthed Past: A Collection Of Underground Hip Hop (2009). Keep an ear out for this talented MC.

Learn something (anything) everyday!


  1. Cool, thanks for posting about Breez his talent deservs more recognition.

    If you haven't heard it already, you might want to check out the new single "Over" he just dropped...

    There's a myspace up for it:


  2. Thanks D.,

    'Over' is a great track. DaveyTree sets up that soulful beat (which is pretty melancholy)and Breezs knocks it out. Props to Swave Sevah, who kinda steals limelight. This reminescent hip-hop reminds me of 'The Watcher' alot, but with a tone of regret. Then again, Dre can't have many regrets, eh?